Apple tree beginner’s checklist

apple tree spring

Getting into fruit tree planting is much like food plot planting. It starts with a well formulated plan, and is followed up by execution and hard work.

Do your apple tree research

Read through our site, and others, to orient yourself to the basics of fruit tree planting. Learn the parts of a tree, check out our linked resources or get a book. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Set goals and start a log

Your goals will determine what resources and effort are required to achieve them. Once you have them set, record them in your new fruit tree log.

Create an apple tree plan

In order to achieve your goals, you’ll need a plan. This isn’t advanced, but lays out a timeline of steps required to make progress on your goals. Again, this is important because many steps, such as ordering, must be done in advance.

Select and order your apple trees

This is the fun (and sometimes expensive) part! It’s best done in fall, to allow for a spring planting. Research varieties here and find a place to order them here.

Clear your planting sites

Like with plots, you need to open up space for your trees. This can be done a while in advance, or close to planting time.

Collect your supplies

In addition to your trees, you’ll need fencing, screen, shovels, and other tools at planting time.

Plant and protect your apple trees

The day has come and your trees arrived! It’s time to get them planted and protected!

Care for your apple trees

After planting, you’ll need to spray, manage weeds, water, and fertilize your trees to ensure the progress well.

Wait, then reap the rewards

It may be a few years, but eventually you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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