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The largest and hardiest of apple tree roots and rootstock, Antonovka is a Russian seedling rootstock for full-sized “standard” apple trees. It is adaptable to a wide variety of soils. If ungrafted, the resulting tree will produce large yellow edible apples. Key downsides are time to produce apples and moderate disease susceptibly. Space trees 20–30′ apart.

BUD 118 (B118, Budagovski 118)

A member of the Budagovski series, BUD 118 trees are slightly smaller than full size, vigorous, and hardy. The rootstock is resistant to collar rot and can grow in a wide range of soil types. Bud 118 is considered more precocious than EMLA 111 and produces a free-standing tree. It is a top choice of apple tree roots for wildlife plantings.

EMLA 111

Another vigorous near full-size tree, EMLA 111 produces a tree somewhat larger than EMLA 106. It is hardy, but less so than BUD 118. Trees are well anchored, resistant to collar rot and woolly aphids. EMLA is a better selection for heavier soils. It is another top choice for wildlife plantings.

EMLA 106

Trees are approximately 2/3 size of full-sized trees. Trees are productive and generally well-anchored. Resistant to woolly aphids, it seldom rootsuckers and performs best on dry sites. EMLA 106 is susceptible to collar rot and should not be planted in heavy soils or wet areas.


A widely planted freestanding semi-dwarf, EMLA 7 produces a tree approximately 50-60% of full-size. It is the smallest apple tree roots / rootstock we recommend for wildlife plantings. The trees are well anchored, buy may need support in early years. It is adaptable to most soil types and is resistant to fire blight. EMLA 7 has a tendency to rootsucker.

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