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When it comes to apple tree varieties, you have a lot of options. We won’t cover all of them, but have detailed some of the most important ones for wildlife plantings. If you’re not sure what criteria are most important, review the variety selection criteria page. These apple tree varieties won’t let you down!

Variety Ripening Disease Resistance Description
Liberty October Great Resistant to scab, mildew, fire blight, and cedar apple rust, Liberty is a top choice for home growers. It grows attractive red apples, medium sized, with a nice sweet/tart balance. It is very productive and an annual bearer.
Enterprise Oct/Nov Great Enterprise produces a deep red apple and is resistant to major diseases. The flesh is yellow-cream and crisp, and stores well. The tree is spreading and vigorous, and an annual producer. It is a top selection for home growers.
Freedom Sept/Oct Good Freedom is a good multi-use apple, with large red fruit on a light yellow skin. The fruit is crisp and juicy, good for fresh eating, juice, or sauce. The tree is resistant to major apple tree diseases.
Galarina October Good Like its namesake Gala, Galarina produces a delicious small to medium size apple great for eating. It has strong resistance to apple diseases, making it a top choice for home growers. Trees hold fruit long after ripening, great for late season hunting.
Florina Querina October Good Querina trees are resistant to most diseases, but susceptible to apple rust. It produces an attractive and firm apple that is aromatic and keeps well.
Williams Pride July/Aug Good Williams Pride is one of the earliest producing apple varieties, yet the apples have excellent eating quality. It has good resistance most common diseases. It is a good choice to attract wildlife in summer, prior to many other trees ripening.
Pristine July/Aug Good Another early season apple, Pristine produces a high quality apple and is very productive. Trees are resistant to most diseases, but somewhat susceptible to fire blight.
Redfree August Good As the name implies, Redfree produces a “red” apple and is “free” of common apple diseases. The tree bears annually and produces a high quality apple good for fresh eating.
Goldrush November Good GoldRush is one of the latest ripening varieties and produces a disease resistant tree. The apples have remarkable storage ability, up to 10 months. In northern climates, trees may never reach ripening. However, they are still hardy and beneficial to wildlife, even if they don’t fully ripen.
Wolf River Sept/Oct Good Wolf River produces enormous fruits, up to 1 lb. It has moderate scab resistance. The fruit is typically used for baking and cider. It is an antique variety and has great winter hardiness.
Spartan October Good Spartan is a productive and disease resistant variety. Trees are consistent bearers, precocious, and hardy. Fruit is medium size, dark red, crisp, and aromatic.
Keepsake Oct/Nov Moderate A hardy and moderately disease resistant tree that produces crisp and aromatic fruit. Fruit keeps well and improves in storage.
Prairie Spy October Moderate Not a well-known variety, Prairie Spy is an all-purpose, hardy, and vigorous tree. Its fruit keeps well, improves in storage, and has excellent flavor. Trees are long-lived, productive annually, and bear young.
Haralson October Moderate Haralson is a disease resistant and winter hardy  variety. Fruit is crisp, tart, and stores well. It is a good selection for cooking. Often bears fruit the first year after planting.

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