Food Plotting Beginner’s Checklist

Food plots

Before buying seed or heading out to plant your first plot, we recommend educating yourself on a number of topics. The more knowledgeable you are about food plots for deer and wildlife, the better you’ll do.

Research is the first step in successful food plots for deer and wildlife

You’re here, so that’s a good start! Read through the site, and others, to make sure you don’t make any “rookie” mistakes! Read through our resources, check out a forum, or get a book! It’s time well spent.

Establish your resources

As we discuss in the “Is food plotting for you?” topic, you need to know what property and equipment you’ll have at your disposal.

Set goals

Having clear goals will allow you to answer many of the subsequent questions regarding resources, seed, etc.

Start a log

Track your food plotting decisions and outcomes. This will allow you to make more informed choices in the future. You’ll want to track things like plot location, crops planted, planting dates, fertilizer and lime added, soil test results, etc.

Choose your food plot sites

Now it’s time for the fun part! Once you’ve decided to start plotting, choosing your plot sites is an early decision on the journey. Link

Get soil tests

Once your sites are selected, go ahead and get soil tests. You need to know the soil conditions in order to choose plot seeds and apply the correct fertilizer and lime.

Choose and order your food plot seeds

You have a number of seed options, which you can learn more about here. Once you’ve decided, you can likely buy your seed from our store here. Early in your food plotting journey, we recommend annuals. They are usually a lower cost and more forgiving of mistakes.

Get your equipment

If you need to buy or rent any equipment, now is the time. We have a few options, but you may also need to go to your local co-op or ag store.

Clear your food plots

It’s time to get outside! Learn how to best clear your plot sites here.

Plant your food plots

It’s time to get your seed in the ground and pray for rain! Learn more about the basic planting process here.

Manage your food plots for deer and wildlife

Depending on what you plant, you may need to do a little weed or fertilizer management.


You’ve made it to hunting season! Hang stands, set blinds, and get out there!

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