Food Plot Protection

Deer have no patients when it comes to plots. Sometimes when planting plots, they can destroy them before they ever make it to maturity. This is most common with full season annuals such as corn and soybeans. If you want to plant a plot of this type, but don’t have many acres to distribute the browse, you may want to consider food plot protection. There are a couple options for this.

Electric cattle fencing

As it sounds, this is the same type of fencing used to keep cattle in (or out of) certain areas. Despite that the fence could be easily jumped, the electrified fence is generally effective at food plot protection. To build an electric fence, you need a few parts. First, you need a solar charger/energizer. Then you need wire, posts, and clips to build the fence. The nice thing about the electric version is that it is easily scalable, and reusable.

Plot Saver

The Plot Saver is a product specifically for food plot protection. Like the electric version, it is a single layer fence that surrounds the plot. Unlike the electric version, it uses a liquid product to deter deer from entering the plot. The liquid is applied to a fabric material that surrounds the plot. The product is sold as a kit with specific plot coverage sizes. The liquid can be bought individually after the initial kit liquid has been used.

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