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Across the pages of our site, you will see links to resources applicable to each topic. However, we’d like to call out a few that can be invaluable if you haven’t used them before.

Our favorite resources on food plots and food plotting

Deer Hunter Forum (formerly QDMA Forum)

The now-retired QDMA forum used to be the best place on the web for information on everything related to whitetail habitat management, food plots, fruit trees, and more. Thankfully, a mirror of the site was created after the QDMA site retirement. The Deer Hunter Forum, as it’s now called, is an incredible resource for plotters of all stages. The knowledge of the site users is not matched anywhere else on the web. If you have specific questions on habitat management, you’ll likely be able to find answers on the Deer Hunter Forum.

Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA)

While we are disappointed at the disappearance of the forum, there are still numerous resources provided by the QDMA website and publications. You do not need to be a member to access much of the content. They have a great deal on food plots, habitat management, and more.

Other forums

In addition to the Deer Hunter Forum, you can find a great deal of information on food plots and habitat management on a number of other forums. While they are more general resources, there are still individuals with tremendous knowledge bases that can help provide you answers. A few of our favorites are:

Archery Talk

Iowa Sportsman

Farmers co-op

This one may be hit or miss, but we’ve learned a ton from our local farmer’s co-ops. The people there practice agriculture for a job, so they know a thing or two on the topic. In addition to knowledge, they typically are a great source for fertilizer and seed. Many corn, soybean, and alfalfa varieties can’t be purchased on the web, and will need to be purchased at your co-op. They often sell low cost seed for food plots as well, so you should get to know your local co-op!


If you’re just getting started, a book on food plots and plotting may be just the ticket to answer many of your plotting questions. Browse a selection of our books here.


We haven’t come across any magazines specifically focused at whitetail habitat management and food plotting, but you can still find a great deal of information within many of the well-known whitetail deer publications. A web search will often locate this information for you. Otherwise you can subscribe.

Plot seed providers websites

While they may try to sell their own products, food plot seed companies often have educational resources on food plots. And these resources are often free or low cost. They provide another perspective on the topic and are a good resource as you learn about food plotting.

Food Plots

Blog Posts

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Blog Posts


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