Is planting apple trees for you?

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When planting apple trees, you can put some in the ground with little effort. Or, you can put significant effort into the process. The amount of success you have in producing quality trees and fruit will depend on how much research and work you put into the process. You could go buy a few cheap trees at a department store, plant them, and hope for the best. However, you would be better off taking a little more time and money to do it right. Before you get started, you should know a few things about planting apple trees.

Not all apple trees are created equal

We’ve all seen the different varieties of apples at a grocery store. But there is more variation than just the apples. The tree rootstock can also come in variations. If you want to start learning the details, you can find out more here. What is important to know at this point is that not all combinations will be good for your application. You want to choose the right variety and rootstock for your situation. This is very unlikely to happen if you buy a tree at Home Depot. You need to do the research and buy from a nursery that can provide trees that will be successful in your application.

Planting apple trees requires you to plan in advance

Getting the right trees requires time and research. So does choosing an orchard site. So does identifying the gear you need. Trees need to be ordered in advance to get the right ones. If you want to plant apple trees, make sure you can commit a number of years to the effort, as it is required to do it right.

Apple trees are high maintenance

Getting a successful apple tree is a lot more than just buying it and putting it in the ground. Trees are susceptible to a number of things, including disease, rodent and deer damage, insects, and competition from local vegetation. You need to continuously maintain your trees in early years to ensure they survive all these threats.

You need to buy a lot more than just the tree

Protecting your trees against the above threats requires a number of items. Deer fencing, screening or hardware cloth for rodent protection, sprayers and sprays. The cost of the apple tree is only part of the equation. It makes more sense to plant fewer trees with all the protections than plant more trees and leave them exposed.

If you can handle the above, then congratulations! While it is a lot of effort, enjoying the literal fruit of you labor is a truly rewarding experience!

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