Greetings, welcome to Plotter’s Edge, and thanks for checking out our first blog post!

As you’ll learn from exploring our site, Plotter’s Edge is your one stop resource for everything related to food plotting and whitetail habitat management. Our goal at Plotter’s Edge is to give you the knowledge, tools, and products that allow you to create great food plots and habitat. We also know that habitat management is a shared passion, so we hope to share the passions of plotting in the Habitat Gallery section.

We’re a team of food plotting aficionados

The team at Plotter’s Edge is a group of Wisconsin based deer hunters and habitat managers. We have spent countless hours in the woods and fields, over many decades of collective experience. We have learned through that experience, often finding out what didn’t work. It is our hope to share that knowledge, as well as the knowledge of other site members, to improve food plotting and habitat management for all site visitors.

Plotter’s Edge was dreamed up back in 2010, as a simple but effective resource for food plotting and habitat management. While “real jobs” delayed the launch a few years, we are now live and growing. We are starting small, but have big aspirations for Plotter’s Edge. We currently cover food plotting. Over time, you’ll see new features added to the site. We intend for these to improve the experience and value you get from the site.

How can we improve Plotter’s Edge?

What do you want out of an all-encompassing food plotting website? We are only here because of community. If we don’t meet your needs, we have no reason to exist. So please reach out and tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want out of our community! And if you like it, don’t forget to share our community with your fellow food plotters and whitetail habitat managers!

The Plotter’s Edge Team