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In addition to our offerings, there are a number of available resources on how to grow apple trees and fruit tree. These can take you into more depth on any specific topic you need.

Like for food plots, the Deer Hunter Forum (formerly QDMA forum) is another fantastic resource. If you have an individual question and need individual input, you can most likely get your answer there.

For topic specific resources on how to grow apple trees, please look below.

How to grow apple trees overviews

Growing Apples in Wisconsin from UW-Extension

Fully Encompassing Apple Resources

U of Minnesota Apple Resources

U of Wisconsin Apple Resources

Cornell Apple Resources

U Mass Fruit Resource

AC Nursery

Grafting Fruit Trees

Grafting Fruit Trees from UM-Extension

Variety selection

Disease Susceptibility of Common Apple Cultivators

Fruit Tree Pollination Chart

Fruit Tree Maturity Chart

All About Apples

Fruit Tree Spacing and Rootstocks

Apple Rootstocks and Tree Spacing from NCSU-Extension

Rootstocks for Fruit Trees in Wisconsin from UW-Extension

Planting Bareroot Trees

How to Plant A Bare-Root Tree from the Arbor Day Foundation

Caring for Fruit Trees

Pest Management from U of Minnesota

Pruning at time of Planting – why it’s important!

Other Fruit Tree Links

Apple pickling and canning and recipes

To submit additional resources, or notify us of broken links, please inform us through the submission area.

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