Weed management and apple tree care


Weeds compete with your apple trees for nutrients, moisture, and sunlight. They also make the area around you tree a better home for rodents and disease. Until you tree is well-established, weed suppression is a very important aspect of apple tree care. Here are a few common methods for weed control.


Spraying glyphosate around you trees is easy and requires little investment. It is generally successful, but you must take care to avoid getting any glyphosate on your trees. This include the root “suckers”, small offshoots of the roots that grow near the base of the tree. Spraying these with glyphosate can stunt the tree. With glyphosate, you’ll need to spray multiple times throughout the year to keep weeds down. Nonetheless, spraying is one of the most common methods of weed control for apple tree care. You can find hand sprayers and glyphosate in our store.


Mulch can be a good option for weed suppression and moisture retention for apple tree care. The biggest problem with mulch is usually the presence of rodents who make the material their home. A better option is using pea gravel or a similar type of gravel. This keeps weeds down, holds moisture better than bare soil, and does not provide a home for mice. Although it is labor intensive, it is one of the best options for low maintenance weed control. Glyphosate can be combined with this for great weed control and improved apple tree care.


This can be combined with glyphosate use or done separately. Simply put, you are mowing around the base of your trees. This is an acceptable method if you are frequently at your orchard site and are able to keep the weeds down. If not, we recommend spraying glyphosate. If using a string trimmer or weed wacker, take care not to hit the trunk of the tree or your trunk protection device.

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