Where to buy apple trees


Where to buy apple trees

Trees are available for purchase from a variety of sources. These include big chain stores, local garden centers, and online nurseries. When you buy apple trees at a chain store or garden center, trees are generally listed by variety and rootstock size (not type), such as dwarf or standard. When ordering pre-grafted trees through nurseries, you can often choose both the variety and specific rootstock. This is the recommended method, as you get the most optimal tree for your needs.

Bareroot apple trees

Wondering where to buy apple trees? Our favorite nurseries for apples trees are below. These nurseries have a broad set of varieties, competitive prices, and high quality products. They are primarily focused on apple and fruit trees and have the knowledge to help you with prospective orders.

Cummins Nursery

Adams County Nursery 

VanWell Nursery 

Century Farms Orchard

A number of other nurseries carry apple trees that can meet your needs as well. They are more broad nurseries and deal less in bulk, but may be a good options depending on the number of trees you need and tree availability.

Raintree Nursery

Burnt Ridge Nursery

St. Lawrence Nursery

Stark Brothers Nursery

Wallace Nursery

If you decide to graft trees yourself, you can get the required parts you need for your trees from the following suppliers.


Lawyer Nursery 

Treco Nursery 

Cameron Nursery 

Willamette Nurseries 


Maple Valley Orchards 

Masonville Orchard 

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